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Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

Not much to report, really..well, I went to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time. I would never have been able to afford it WHAT WITH MY ONLY INCOME TAKEN FROM ME BY OUR AWESOME GOVERNOR, but my mother was very generous. She had a few jobs recently and even though she's very behind on pretty much all her bills, she gave me some money because my friend is moving to California and this was pretty much the last time I'd see her. The wait was pretty long. I mean, even after we were seated, it took a good 20-25 minutes to get our orders taken. That's unacceptable. It wasn't even that crowded at all. The waitress actually came BY our table, saw that a nearby table had spilled ketchup, and stood there SUPERVISING the busboy cleaning it up. Rather than trust he can handle it and take the order of the people who're hungry and WAITING, she felt she needed to STAND THERE watching him clean up ketchup. WTF. I wasn't like super hungry so I got a burger. I wish I'd had more money and been really hungry because the entrees looked good. We shared a piece of cheesecake and I let her take the remainder home. Dammit. I wish I hadn't. But I am nice.

Then I had to rush home and shower because we were going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the TLA. I haven't been to see it in years, because it's lately only ever been at these Monster-Mania conventions, which cost a good amount of money just to get into, and I have no interest in the actual conventions, plus they're in New Jersey, which is hard for a carless person to get to. Anyway, it was good to be back. I just remember, ever since the first or second time I went, feeling like "Man, this is where I belong. These are my kind of people, united in an obsession about a bizarre movie." Unfortunately, the chairs were not too comfortable and my ass kept hurting. Plus, it was pretty hot in there and I kept having to wipe sweat from my face. But I am glad I went. Even though I misread the sign at the parking garage and had to pay $28.00 for less than 3 sister gave me $6 towards it (because we both originally thought it was only $12, thus she'd intended to pay half), but still, that was..sucky. We went to a diner in Glenside, even though I hate diners, hate diner food, and that one especially is not very good, even for a diner. I was hungry though. But had very limited funds, and my sister only had $7 on her debit card, and the diner insisted on a $10 minimum so I got her her cup of soup. It's not a big deal, because she's bought me food before, and just plain given me money. But I just hate that our only option was Wawa or a diner. Both have shitty food. I got grilled cheese with horribly unripe tomato. For some reason, all diners in the Philadelphia and Montgomery County area have switched to these nasty, nasty batter fries. They're covered in this gross crispy stuff. Pretty much inedible.

I was running on literally less than an hour of sleep so I was glad to get home and slept most of the next day. I haven't done much since then, as I now broke for the foreseeable future. My mom is expecting a cheque for a job she did a week or two ago, but agencies that do entertainment for parties are pretty shitty about paying their artists. They'll say the cheque's in the mail and it doesn't come for 2 weeks. She said when she gets it she will put a little bit of money in my account. So today she said she'd call me after she sees if it comes, but she has a doctor appointment at 3. So won't be home til at least 4:30. My bank closes at 5. Mail doesn't come til 4. So she'd probably not be able to put anything in my account til tomorrow. I appreciate it, and it's certainly better than nothing. I'm just so tired of this. And there's absolutely nothing I can do to make my case be decided any faster. Food banks are pretty much useless to a carless person, and have very strange hours, and there aren't any very close to where I live. As I may have mentioned, generally they don't give you much of anything useful anyway. Processed nastyass bricks of cheese, cans of okra..the spaghetti and cans of peaches are good, but it's really hardly worth the trouble. I just don't really get what Corbett thinks poor people are going to do now. Does he honestly think that the amount of food assistance the DPW gives is enough to actually last a month? Because it's not ever. I guess he just figures "well, if they're really unable to work, then they'd be receiving SSI or disability, so they don't need welfare!"..forgetting the thousands who are waiting years for their cases to be decided or on appeals. I am pretty much just trying not to freak out. I know my mom will help me as soon as she can. It's just random. I had money over the weekend. And okay, sue me, I spent some of it going to a movie and paying extravagant parking fees. But that's one thing I truly enjoy, and I haven't been to see RHPS since like 2007 at least, and I did NOT know the parking was going to be that much. I have to get out of the house sometimes. I am so tired of always reading or watching TV or sleeping. I just want to get OUT so I don't give a shit if you say "Well, you should've saved your money and anticipated you might need it this week". I didn't know what my mother or my partner's financial situation would be this week. I just wanted to have a good time over the weekend and I mostly did.

I went to see my dad Monday. He had a client and was on the phone for a while so we didn't actually talk that much, but it was still good to see him..he's going to send letters to the collection agencies hounding me.

I finally spoke to American Education Services, and they gave me this temporary forbearance, and said I was eligible for the Economic Hardship deferment. However, when I looked at the form, it said I must enclose proof of receiving government aid. Um, I started receiving it a few years ago. I didn't save my original award letter. So, I called my caseworker. She returned my call and said "You have to call your permanent caseworker for that." Uh, you're the only one I've dealt with, so why would I think I had a different caseworker? Whatever. I called this other lady, and the phone just RANG AND RANG at least 25 times. Who the hell works in government and has NO VOICEMAIL? So ghetto. I don't understand. I NEED this form, this forbearance only lasts like a few days. This is just so ridiculous. And once I do get hold of her, I bet she'll say she can fax it to me. Well, I have no fax machine, and my mom's can't receive faxes, only send. I just know they'll say they can't be bothered to mail it to me. And the DPW is waaaaaaaaay down Frankford Avenue, and I don't have the gas to get there. Plus, it's a horrible, depressing, dreary place, and you have to wait forever for anything there. So I don't know. I guess I'll try calling her and explain I cannot get there, can they PLEASE just mail it..

I am really tired of ground beef. There's just not that much you can do with it. I had Hamburger Helper the other day, then spaghetti with ground beef the next day, and today it's Hamburger Helper again. There's this one really good flavour of Hamburger Helper, but I can't ever find it in the stores! The others are blah. I really don't like them that much. I just don't get why the one actually delicious flavour is impossible to find!

I had a therapist and psychiatrist appointment the other day. I did not go to either. I shouldn't have scheduled two appointments for one day. Whenever I have that, I just start freaking out. It just always really upsets me. Besides which, I was already upset about other things. And then my stomach got upset. So then the doctor was all calling me like "Well, I really need to see how you're tolerating the Emsam" blah blah blah yes well I canceled an appointment, crucify me for it! I rescheduled! It's a fucking pain in the ass to get a ride to appointments, especially if I am coming from Blue Bell. And even those Logisticare passes they offer, they're useless coming from Blue Bell. There's no bus or train from there to Roosevelt Boulevard. I suppose there's probably some combination of like 4 or 5 buses that might do it, but seriously, I hate public trans way too much to do that. I just hate going anywhere, really.

Two people came to see the house Tuesday, and one yesterday. It's really fucking annoying. One of the people unplugged my fan. Seriously? You're looking around someone's room, why would you unplug their fucking appliances?! PLUG IT BACK IN IF YOU DID IT BY ACCIDENT. I just can't even see how they'd accidentally do it. My little surge protector strip thing is in a corner between the bed and nightstand, so they'd have to have been like bending down inspecting it..there'd be no reason for that. They must've unplugged my fan on purpose, but I can't imagine why. Rude.

My cat started FREAKING OUT the other day. He was doing this really pained, upset mew, that he usually does when this other cat is hanging around outside the window..but I looked, there was nothing outside. I thought maybe he found a mouse or something, but he wasn't chasing anything. I did see Baby sniffing the carpet, so maybe there had been some sort of insect or rodent, but it got away? He just wouldn't stop doing this really upset mew, and then he actually looked like he was hyperventilating or something, he was breathing way too fast. We just tried to pet him and talk calmly and calm him down. But he stayed like right by the dining room table, like staring at it, for a while. I wish he'd have caught whatever he saw so he'd stop being upset. He seemed okay later, and was purring..but I am worried. I hope that's all it was, just some animal or insect he saw..but I am afraid maybe he's sick or something. God forbid. I love that little boy so much and it was so upsetting to have him be so upset and not be able to do anything about it. I just hope he's okay..

Time to make Hamburger Helper. Today's flavour is taco somethingorother. I hope it's good.
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