Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

I feel like I can't take this. Rocky stopped eating, and kept sitting by the dining room table, lethargic. My mom took him to the vet, spent basically her entire paycheque, got blood tests, and all they can tell us is he was dehydrated and is very anemic. They think it is probably lymphoma or a tumor. They can't know for sure unless they do an x-ray. I just spoke to the vet and he said what he really needs soon is a blood transfusion. He said he can't do it at his office, that we should take him to the emergency vet and admit him and they can take care of him. I asked how much a blood transfusion costs. He said $900-2000. I am completely freaking out. Rocky's been intermittently drinking water and just lying in the corner of the dining room, listless. Twice today he started that horrible howling like he's in so much pain, and I seriously thought he was dying. He started breathing in a laboured way. Thank God it stopped. But I don't know what to do. I started a Chipin page, which is sort of like Kickstarter, where people can contribute to a cause. Please if you can possibly give anything at all, or just pass the link on to someone who has money to spare and cares about animals. My cats are everything to me and this is completely tearing my heart out. I literally can't do a thing. The vet said we can try giving him an antibiotic and it might help, and since we can't pay today he's letting my mom pay Monday, after she'll have her cheque hopefully for her job today. But he said even if he knew it was a tumor and was removable, Rocky is not strong enough for the surgery right now. Maybe the antibiotic will help him..but it's going to be difficult to get down his throat. And the fact that he's still not eating is very upsetting. I just can't stop crying. My face hurts from crying so much. I'm not leaving my house until he's better. Or, God know. I just can't imagine life without him. He's only 13. He's already been through so much. He's so brave and innocent and good. I am begging anyone who happens to see this to tell anyone they know "hey there is a wonderful sweet brave cat who needs medical care and his owner lives on less than $12,000 a year so she can't afford it, can you please contribute something, anything, for his treatment before it's too late?"..I feel like..this just hurt so, so much, seeing him like this. I can't stand it.

Here is the link for his chipin.

I am going to apply for this thing called CareCredit..but I doubt I'll get approved. I've got to try everything though. This is just unbearable. I never thought I could feel this much pain.
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