Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

It seriously feels like a miracle has happened. I went into my therapist's office yesterday and she was like "I had to get your chart from the doctor's office..and look, it says here Emsam--approved for 6 months." I was like "That probably just means he approved it, not my insurance." She was like "But why would he have had your chart yesterday? Why don't you call your pharmacy and see?" And I called Walgreens and lo and behold they said it was now covered. So even though he never responded to my voicemail, apparently my doctor decided to be the badass I know he is and called or wrote Keystone Mercy and schooled them. I just keep laughing and picturing him getting all pissed, all full of righteous indignation, all saying "Listen, motherfuckers, I AM THE DOCTOR, not you. If I'd wanted her on Nardil or Parnate, that's what I'd have prescribed. I have a MEDICAL DEGREE, you don't. Bitches, I know what's best for my patient, and you will COVER this motherfucking medication or I will go seriously medieval on your ass." I mean, obviously he'd never talk like that, but it cracks me up to picture it. The guy at the pharmacy said he sounded pissed when he called them (meaning the pharmacy). I bet he was! Who the hell is Keystone Mercy to say he doesn't know what's best for me? He is the DOCTOR. He's like the wizard of Oz. He's all-powerful and he got shit done, super-fast. I was astounded.

So now I think I will apply my first Emsam patch today. I know there's still the possibility that it won't work..but at least it's something DIFFERENT. Not another SSRI or SNRI. I'm really excited. It's just a little irritating cos the box is all "Wash area with soap and water before applying and make sure the area is not hairy" People hair hair on every part of their body. It says to put it on your outer upper arm, chest, back, or upper thigh. I think everyone has a little bit of hair on all these places! :/

The receipt said "Your insurance saved you $730"something. So I guess if I were an insurance company, I'd not want to pay $730 a month if I could avoid it. But they are DOING IT. I just hope they feel salty. They thought they could fuck me over but did not realise the badass doctor I have in my corner.

So, please, pray that this works. Please, God. PLEASE. I keep trying to picture myself feeling better and actually feeling like life is worth living. It is possible. I am not stuck this way. This will work.

I can't believe the doctor did that for me. I have to send him a thank-you note. I had this letter written out with a list of reasons for him to give the insurance company for why they need to approve the Emsam..and was worried he'd still not want to do it..and here he already did it. I don't know what he said..but it worked! I'm just amazed. I am sending him a thank-you card, but I also went to two different doctor-rating sites and gave him good ratings. Here is my rating on
(Dunno why it says Villanova, I guess he has a private practise there or used to.) I think it is nice to leave a rating about your doctor when they are awesome. I like the concept. Kinda want to go and give bad ratings to previous shitty doctors now.

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