Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

So the realtor is bringing people here to look at the house at fucking 9:45 am. Seriously? Who has to go and look at a house THAT EARLY? Don't these people have jobs? Ridiculous. So we're going crazy trying to clean. I really hate vacuuming, I get so sweaty.

I am really tired of hearing about this whole Chick-Fil-A brouhaha. They have been known as a Christian business for years. Only recently everyone got up in arms because all their antigay stuff became known. Fine, that's fucked up..but it's their prerogative. I think the part where that Boston mayor said he will make it "very difficult" for them to put a location in his city is absolutely ridiculous. I have no problem with the Henson company severing their ties. Good for them. But to try and keep them from having their business in an entire city? That's insane. They are a restaurant. And they should be allowed to set up restaurants anywhere, and then it's up to CUSTOMERS to decide whether to eat there, knowing their CEO is bigoted. It's un-American and just mind-boggling to me that someone would try to block a company from even having a location in a certain city because they disagree with the boss's beliefs. They have a right to exist and attempt to make money anywhere they want. I don't agree with Dan Cathy, but he's allowed to believe what he believes, and run his business, and consumers can determine whether they want to support such a business. What if a mayor of some other city is a vegan, and decides to block all meat-serving restaurants from trying to open locations in that city, because he disagrees with meat-eating? I mean come on.

I read recently that a Wawa is opening in Florida. You know, when I was a kid, I loved Wawa. They had good hoagies. But over the years, they've just gotten so bad. I don't ever get food there unless I am super hungry and have no food at home and nothing else is open. I always regret it. I just wouldn't even call their hoagies hoagies, they're so nasty. Their breakfast sandwiches are okay, but nothing to make a special trip for. I guess I like their smoothies, but still. The main thing people love is that you can get sandwiches at any hour. Have they not TASTED those sandwiches recently?! Or is it just the ones in Northeast Philadelphia and Blue Bell that suck now?

So we're going to an early movie (Only $5 at Franklin Mills!) while the people look at the house. Then I guess we will eat and eventually go to sleep..but I slept a lot yesterday/last night, so will probably stay up watching Damages. I also downloaded the three Tales of the City miniseries (miniseries-es?). My mom has a job today, tomorrow, and Sunday so I really don't know when or if she'll be able to pick me up..and I have to be back in this area by Tuesday at 1 for this group I have to go to :/.

There really aren't many good yoghurts in America. It's quite disappointing. I miss the ones in France so much. I mean, I still eat yoghurt, but they're just so blah. I only really like select flavours of La Yogurt, YoCrunch, Yoplait, and store brand fruit-on-the-bottom..but none thrill me like French yoghurts. Sigh.

I am really very upset about Sherman Hemsley's passing. I want to wear my George Jefferson shirt but over the years it shrunk and is way too short. I may try, though..

Reading through facebook just makes me super aware of how many people I pretend to like but don't.

I may be going with someone I used to be good friends with and kind of don't really know how I feel about them now to see Rocky Horror at the TLA August 4th..but it's such a dumb way to do things, you can only get tickets at the TLA or Tattooed Mom's. They really should have some sort of online ticketing system. Even the Colonial Theater sells tickets online, and I am sure they're a smaller operation than the TLA. It's just really hard for someone without a car and money to get down to the TLA. I'm just hoping they don't sell out and we can buy tickets when we get there. I don't know. I really want to go. I haven't been to RH in many years, because they hardly ever do it anywhere besides Monster-Mania conventions, which cost more money and are always in New Jersey.

I am sick of appointments. August 7th I have fucking two appointments but they're like 4 or 5 hours apart so I will have to go home in between. I know I have to do these things but I really hate going to them. I hate the Boulevard, I hate the waiting room, I hate trying to talk about my stupid life. I don't ever accomplish anything. I just don't really think much can be done and maybe both of our time is being wasted. I know she tries, but I can't seem to adequately make clear how shitty my life is and how fucked up my relationships are and how much more help I need than I am getting. Which brings us back to "well, nothing can be done, budget cuts, you see". UGH.

I am reading a book of short stories my mom got me. She mistakenly thought I'd read another book by the author, and bought this cos it was on sale somewhere, but I actually really like it. It's called Boys and Girls Like You And Me by Aryn Kyle. Well, one or two of the stories were predictable, but still compelling. The last one I just read was really good. I like having a good book. I ordered a few more from the library but it'll be a few days.

I am still playing DOS games and getting frustrated because the sequels to shareware games are always a good deal harder. Still, it's something to do..

I miss my cats. A lot.
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