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glortw's Journal

Real Like A Plastic Bouquet
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hmm..i'm 27. i live in philadelphia. i have 2 cats whom i love more than anything, but they live with my mom and i live for the visits i have with them twice a week. i live for the music, movies, books, and people that i love. i live an extremely boring life. i hope to change that at some point..right now i'm trying to cope with and overcome some mental issues so maybe once i do that i can work on having a fun life. i love france and especially paris, where i lived for a semester in 2005, and my goal is to move back there within the next ten years.
i guess that is all.
oh yes..my other goal that i want more than anything is to sing..i have very bad stage fright, though, so we'll see how that comes along.
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